GPSS is extending support to Community development through Polytechnic Berhampur since five years in a meaningful manner by providing infrastructure and coordination support to undertake Vocational Training for local youth

At Bhismagiri – GPSS is conducting “Web designing” training” for a period of 4 months per batch – each batch consisting of 25 trainees. And one Dress designing and appliqué both are only for women for a period of 6 months per batch – each batch consisting of 25 trainees. As such, every year – GPSS has enabled 50 X2 = 100 local youths to be developed as trained and skilled in aforesaid aspects.

Over the years – GPSS has coordinated to a number of finance and credit institutions including Public Sector Undertaking Banks including NABARD to provide technical and on job professional support to start and promote their small scale enterprises. As on date more than 142 skilled youth have been settled in private sector job and some of them have started business of their own in their localities itself.