Kania Sahi is a hamlet village of the revenue village of Podakhal in S.Tikarpada GP of Digapahandi Block under Ganjam District of Odisha. This village is situated in boarder of Gajapati District. Unfortunately the DBI scope was reached in the village when the Adivasi village Podakhal was selected for DBI during early 2009, but since visited the village for a couple of time the villagers have no reaction/positive attitude towards the scheme. During returning from Podakhal village after this motivation process a man namely Kora Mandal the Ward Member of the neighbor village Kania

Sahi was approached Mr. Panda the Secretary, GPSS and shown his interest with information regarding available of a water flow at “PatharGanda” hill which approach was made a U turn for the Saura tribe dominated Kania Sahi village. After made a village meeting the entire villagers united and participated in implementation of the scheme. The fund allocated in the budget towards trench digging and laying of PVC pipe the entire work was done by them by contributing labour and as per their decision the whole amount saved by them was utilized towards water supply to every household of the village with a filtration mode. Through this system not only the people getting safe drinking water but also is using the water for all purpose including kitchen garden. One inauguration function was organized by the villagers and it is one of the model schemes for others so that impact of this replicating to the nearby villagers including the 1st selected village Podakhal for next year. This scheme became a model scheme and it was chosen as an exposure site so that many people involved/interested on DBI were visited the site. Considering the interest and involvement of the villagers GPSS was organized two health checkup camp and developed health volunteers through training and availed First Aid Box with medicine to meet their urgent health need. One other great thing is that the JTT considered documenting the scheme through developing a documentary film namely “A ripple to a tide”