Since associated with vulnerable and high risk groups over the years through targeted intervention the organization could not avoid paying need to PLWHA who are most discriminated and rather stigmatized beings in their communities and even in families.

During this year organization had concentrated on campaign and public opinion creating task in Digapahandi, Kukudakhandi and Sanakhemundi. Village level meeting was held in each village in coordination with SHGs, Youth Clubs and PRI members. Mr. Brundaban Panda, Secretary GPSS and few of his Executive Body members had been to these villages on visit to assess public opinion and adjudge public attitude towards that. Besides this, following activities were undertaken this year on area specific manner:

1. Tracing out PLWHA (especially those are living in isolation)
2. Counseling the PLWHA (maintaining the confidentiality)
3. Linking the diseased persons to ART centre .
4. Linking the diseased persons to Madhubabu Pension Yojana.
5. Providing IEC materials to such people .