Malaria Program
As the malaria is responsible for highest number of death in India GPSS focused the issue to prevent the spreading of the Anopheles mosquito. During 2008-09 year we have covered all the families of Digapahandi Block through malaria education/Awareness program and impregnated community owned mosquito bed nets with support of the ZSS, Ganjam. Similarly during 2011-12 year we have conducted a house hold survey for 4225 family with a population of 22286 in 38 slums of 5 words under Berhampur Municipal Corporation. The project area where we are running the urban health project, supported by NRHM/ZSS. During house hold survey we found that in 1662 family has mosquito bed net and according to this we have impregnated 1934 no of mosquito bed nets of the said 1662 families. Before conducting the house hold survey, we have made one Knowledge Attitude and Practice (KAP) study by using proper study methodology in slum areas of our project area. The study conducted with our own efforts without support of any agency.

Knowledge Attitude &Practice (KAP) Study On Malaria Download here