Welcome to GPSS
GPSS started as a development organization during 1991 which tried to visualize the problems of locality; feelings of people at micro level & raise voice for people. In course of time, spirit of activism got over-shadowed by harsh reality of people’s minimum materialistic thought of one’s own survival. Witnessing changing attitudes and growing complexities - there raised need for change in operational modalities to emphasize on developmental aspects. The organization does have a good team of Staff and experienced Advisors who are keen enough to take up every challenge. But for that only – the performance at field level have always been up to standard and reliance of people and that of Govt. line department have been gained in most honorable manner.
A change towards a developed and dignified life for the people of the community with peace and prosperity, through meaning full utilization of natural resources, by peoples participation and promoting sustainable development.
A committed cadre with modern outlook will be developed for meaning full utilization of local resources existing in the community through active people’s participation from the level of thinking, planning and executing by obtaining a common understanding towards sustainable community development.
Our Activities