Currently, climate change is a global issue. It is a big threat to our survival and has become a concern – world over. The growing use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides with a hanker for better production in crop field has resulted in fertility loss of land and death of useful elements. As a result it contributes to climate change and creates a lot of allied deformities in arrangements in the nature .

The rural population with skewed land holdings need to be sensitized towards less use of chemical fertilizer, pesticides, polythine etc. and to promote use of green manure and vermi compost as well as to use of bio compost, pesticides etc. for a better climate and environment.

7. Under National Environment Awareness Campaigning 2009-10 & 11-12 the organization had implemented the programme of promoting Vermi Compost and Bio Manure in Bhismagiri village of Digapahandi Block area of Ganjam district with support from Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Govt. of India.

Through these events – GPSS had enabled involvement of 42 Nos. of members from Women SHGs and Youth Clubs in Workshop, 300 youth volunteers in street theatres, 100 farmers and general public in demonstration programme and benefited to 1000 people of different villages thro’ supply of IEC materials.

This programme with its various components has brought some eye-catching changes in the attitude and usage pattern of farmers and general public immediately. Many farmers have started reducing the use of chemical manure/fertilizer/pesticide and have started resorting to organic and green manure especially vermi compost with demonstration pits in their localities with the support of project staff of GPSS.

Meanwhile, people have started demanding for facilities for better environment to ensure enabling environment and in response to the demands of the participants the Sarapanch committed to take necessary steps to address the issues of Climate change through construction of sanitary latrines and plantation as much as possible in different parts of his jurisdiction area.

Working for promotion of healthy environment is a continue activities of the organisation. With the support of Ministry of environment &Forest Govt. of India, we are conducting the environment awareness campaigning every year. This year we have conducted the program successfully at Berhampur town by involving slum dwellers with the theme of “Sustainable Livelihood with Forest”. It was organized through Workshop, Banner campaigning, demonstration of compost pit and distribution of printed reading materials. For a better contribution to the society by creating massive awareness, writing of Books, Protecting forest and water management cause the chief functionary of our organisation Sri. Brundaban Panda received the “PRAKRUTI BANDHU” award from the Govt. of Odisha