Keeping eye on its experience from Targeted Intervention projects over a period of more than half a decade the organization does have developed a throb for the exploited and marginalized migrants who are worst sufferers all along throughout their life just for the sake of their bread and butter.

In fact, the misery of migrant workers needs no narration. But with emphasis on the vulnerability of potential migrants and more particularly on the susceptibility of their family members the organization has started area-based campaign, more particularly creating public opinion against migration and awareness generation in the context of misery and vulnerability associated with them particularly in the context of Trafficking and Sexual Hazards which are eventual as well in such cases.

Since last three years GPSS is creating social commitment against Migration & Trafficking by creating public opinion and sensitizing the civil society groups about the misery that poor labours and their family members are facing: Some of the aspects that have been brought to the notice of general public/Civil Society members are as below:

The Migrants (a) Physical Harassment by overwork (b) Financial Hardship due to irregular and nonpayment (c) Underemployment (d) Job risk at work place (e) Sexual Harassment (f) Lack of social security And (g) Health Risk/Hazard etc.

Family Members of Migrants
(a) Lack of social security (b) Social exclusion to female members (c) Sexual Harassment at Family and Community Level (d) Exploitation and under privilege at family and community level (e) Deprivation of basic amenities including health needs (f) Risk of atrocity and above all (g) Mental Pressure due the said reasons. During the current year GPSS had made Awareness camps in 5 villages of Kukudakhandi Block and prompted youth mass to check migration by adopting local level small scale enterprises (including agro farming etc.) and supporting families in agro business in fair manner. In this context the organization has discussed with NABARD to ensure credit linkage to women SHG of migrant workers .